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    Kevin Smith

    Pastel Forms Designer

    Hi Cilly

    First check that your user (this is a per user setting) is set to print to Single, Plain Paper. File .. Printer Fonts Setup....

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    Twin-earth cable sheathing removed

    Stripping the insulation off twin+e will not make any difference...however surf ix would because it has an aluminium sheath...but wouldnt solve your lighting

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    New uFiling Website

    ok well that doesn't work.........when I go to pay, it doesn't give me the option of putting in my own amount, it is automatically charging me the full

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    New uFiling Website

    So basically what you are suggesting is when paying the specific month, I just pay x amount even tho it says the balance is way more?

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    Mike C

    Pastel Forms Designer

    Hi Cilly. Try putting (copying) the .enz files into the file that has the company name: eg \\SERVER\Pastel14\NAMEOFCOMPANY and see how that pans out.

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