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    Free quotes

    “When I get a call from a random I always ask what happened to your last sparky”
    When the client just want you to start urgent without

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    Looking for a smart lighting solutions

    Philips Hue, I’m quite impressed with it, it seems very expensive but looks like a great product. Is there other similar products a bit less pricey

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    Dave Morrison

    Bad debt and your business

    I control myself and have never been in such situation! Good luck!

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    Illegal Tax Invoice

    The relevant provisions of the VAT Act relate to a compliant invoice for you to claim the input VAT. It has no bearing on the liability to pay the vendor.

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    Illegal Tax Invoice

    I was wondering, if a Tax Invoice does not meet the SARS minimum requirements. Is that debt then still payable?

    Here is the picture:

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