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    Electrical cable advice

    Thanks to everyone for the advice, will be running a 25 sqmm up to the house and then a surfix back down to the gate as lighting will be required at the

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    Electrical cable advice

    As I said, as long as there are no lights involved at the gate.

    I always recommend low voltage for gates. The furthest I've done was 130

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    Electrical cable advice

    150 m of 0.75mm twin flex in a conduit fed from an 18 volt transfomer? eeeeish...i do realise... generally the gate is driven by the battery and not

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    Electric Fence Renovation

    Hi, Everybody.

    Calling for help with a fence.

    I have just landed a job to renovate an electric fence around a commercial

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    JP Havenga

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    Thanks Blurock, once again you gave very insightful comments in your post. Will most definitely look into it.....

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