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    Dave A

    Stove on E/L

    Not quite that simple. That is for stoves rated over 16A....
    Below 16A and the free-standing stove can be hard wired in and off earth leakage (provided

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    Stove connection

    But if its a free standing stove its a different story.
    Anyone ever seen a stove coupler?

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    16 amp plug top rated for 3 amps

    I have noted this as well. Even the double adapters and the like, are really made with the least amount of material and still expensive.
    I wonder

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    Stove on E/L

    Maybe these guys, note I have never used them before so can not vouch for them.

    Union Electrical
    Contact Details

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    Geyser wise E4 error

    Hi Andy, the reply you made is with respect to a typical geyser element made from resistance wire, however with respect to the Geyserwise element, they

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