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    Solar and EV charging

    This is going to rattle the industry.

    You decide that its time to go Solar, to keep the lights on during lad shedding and now you have invested

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    Pass through current

    Some suppliers and installers are calling hybrid inverter and inverter that can take , battery , solar, mains power and feed to essential load only with

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    3 phase supply, single phase inverter

    Why do we do differently?

    The same reason people are doing COC's for R650 and you can get a socket outlet installed at R450 per point ?

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    Pass through current

    Do all hybrid inverters feed back into the non essential or grid?

    Do you know of any other inverters which use a CT to prevent feedback

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    Pass through current

    That explains why one of the installations where the installer used 2.5 mm wire supply to the inverter thinking it would only use pull 20 amps, ran into

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