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Thread: Urgently looking for work ( Or am I really? )

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    Urgently looking for work ( Or am I really? )

    So there I was browsing through Gumtree's "People looking for work" section, and countless times I come across an ad like this....

    "21 yr old white female excellent in bla bla bla URGENTLY looking for a part-time or full-time position. Please no sales or marketing."

    If you're URGENTLY looking for work, how can you choose what you want to do & don't want to do? Why is it that people are so "afraid" or "side step" the sales / marketing positions?

    I just find it extremely annoying that people are urgently looking for work, but only work that suits them.

    If you REALLY need a job you'll take anything.

    Am I wrong in thinking this way?

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    Sounds like she's already picked up some experience... The wrong kind.

    There's some pretty lousy sales "jobs" out there and they feed on "urgent" and "desperate." A vacuum cleaner company, a directory publisher and an insurance company come to mind. I'm sure there are lots more.
    The trouble with opportunity is it normally comes dressed up as work.

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    I'm inclined to agree with you Dave, my first job... hell it's a long time ago... was a desperate one as a door to door salesman, i couldn't sell snowballs in hell, but I gave it my best untill the first paycheck arrived... R10.50 for the first 2-weeks work. Get up at the crack of dawn and hit the streets, must've walked 100km everyday, including weekends selling educational toys that had almost no mark-up and therfore very small comms. Yep, jobs like this rely on the desperate to get done. There must be a few others that I wouldn't want even in todays "modern" age. But if anyone can live off a hamburger and coke for 2-weeks...?
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    Yeah, I see your point in the OP Andrew but I suspect the 'no sales or marketing' bit is motivated by bitter experience. There's loads of companies around who are happy to take advantage of the desperate for little or no return. Sometimes it's cheaper and easier to 'stay in bed'.
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    I have to agree, bitter experience makes for statements like that.I sit in the same boat where I will not accept any job with certain criteria because of a bad experience.Advertising those prejudices are not helping her cause but I do understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyD View Post
    Sometimes it's cheaper and easier to 'stay in bed'.
    Many of my prospect clients do not understand this, especially when I tell them that I can not afford to develop or manufacture a product for them at the price they wish to pay.
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    I can and must actually write a novel on bad jobs. It is really scary how many seemingly large companies ride on the backs of young people. "IT" companies comes to mind, you must always have your own transport and then you use it until it breaks down and you lose your job with it.

    Sales.... I done it all and I were forced to sell crap to be honest. So much so that I fired myself because my Jiminy Cricket almost committed Harry Carry. That said, I think the labour brokers was the last straw that broke this camelís back.

    Keeping your own business running is a 24 your love affair with a rusty old cheese-grater. It is not fun but when you hit that mark and you finally get to the top with some of your hair and underwear intact you know you made it.
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