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Thread: Marketing to women - Martha Barletta

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    Marketing to women - Martha Barletta

    Marketing to Women by Martha Barletta was recommended to me as a good read by, you guessed it - a woman.

    The first book I read on the differences between genders and how to deal with them was Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, which I found fascinating. And what I learned from the book had already proved very useful to me. So I started this book with high expectations.

    I wasn't disappointed. The first few chapters were riveting reading.

    Martha Barletta comes from a marketing background and the book is really focused in on the marketing aspect of what we really need to accept - men and women go about things in different ways.

    The good news is done right, marketing that works for women tends to do quite well in the male market too But getting it right - well, you should probably read the book. Either that or put a woman in charge of your marketing. (Come to think of it, I've done both.)

    I do have something of a cautionary disclaimer though.

    One of the main points Martha makes is that women go through a circular process in making buying decisions, normally repeated a few times. Well, her writing style in this book follows much the same pattern.

    For the women, you'll probably enjoy the book from cover to cover. For myself as a man, I started to find it heavy going and rather repetitive after the first few chapters, and in the end gave up trying to carry on about two thirds through.

    I don't know how much I missed not finishing it, probably some subtle nuance, but ultimately I don't care. I got what I came for - and it was worth it

    Sorry - I'm a man
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