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    Smile Looking for a business partner or a venture capital society

    Synthesis of the project
    Our Company MUBI MARKET aims to help the clubs of investment to invest in the financial market: FOREX, FUTURE... This help is intended exclusively for the clubs of investment, (that could be answered the entities much more significant in condition that a contract is clearly establishes between the two parts), whose interest from now on is confirmed, and which will make significant great strides in the next years. The creator of the company, MUBI BULU DANY, recognizes in this evolution market appropriateness for sound company located downstream from the investment of the clubs of investment.
    The customers are the clubs of investment as mention above and the great entities market is world and especially African, walk virgin awaiting a similar investment.
    The company will count 2 to 4 people. It will carry out the design and the tests of the Technique of trading before applying them to the market reality. It will largely call upon subcontracting when it is a question of organizing great events of the kind: conference discusses or others.
    The company will occupy some buildings in Democratic Republic of Congo where it profits from the environment ideal to carry out its object taking into account the technological projection and of the strong presence of large customers. The creator maintenance also of the contacts with others brokers for a better work. The company will be made up in the form of CLOSED COORPORATIVE with an evaluated capital with 350.000 $ US. This sum must make it possible to provide for the development costs envisaged during the first two years.
    The carrier of project,
    Mr Mubi Bulu Dany
    1. Plan of businesses synthesized
    The currency or foreign exchange market, also named FOREX or the FX is the largest market financier in the world, with a volume from approximately $2 trillion per day. If you compare that with the $25 billion that the Stock Market of New York trades per day, you can easily seize importance of the market.
    The market of Forex corresponds to the simultaneous purchase of a currency and sale of another. Currencies are negotiated per pairs: For example Euro and the American dollar (EUR/USD) or deliver it sterling and the Japanese Yen (GBP/JPY).
    With the difference of the other financial markets like the Tokyo or Paris Bourse, the market of exchanges is installed in no building. The foreign exchange market is regarded as a market ' interbank ', because all the negotiations are treated electronically, between the banks, and this without interruptions 24H/24.
    Until the end of the Nineties, only «the very large ones " could trade on this market. There initial condition was that you could start with trader only if you had approximately ten with fifty million dollar!
    Forex in the beginning was envisaged to be employed by the bankers and the great establishment’s financier - and not by us "small accounts ". However, because of democratization of Internet, the trading companies in line of Forex (brokers on line) can now to offer accounts accessible to the small investors and speculators like us «MUBI MARKET COMPANY ". You can suspect it that there are many advantages sticking this practice has. We want to profit there amply. Among these advantages, we have: commissions.
    The brokers on line remunerate only on the spread (the variation between the purchase and selling price). of speculating 24h/24 5/7jours action leverage.
    You can generally obtain at the brokers on line a lever which can go until
    400 what makes it possible to take positions more significant than the capital invests. For to include/understand, I report to you with the book that I am writing have write: "HOUSEHOLD CONGOLESE WITH THROUGH TRADING ". can drive back the market.
    The foreign exchange market is so enormous and has as well participants as any financial group or
    entity (banks central) cannot order the price of the Dans market the foreign exchange market sil
    does not have there tender offer.
    1. Environment
    1.1 Place and role of the trading
    The Economy in DRC is in crisis and this one has also striking the Congolese households. All
    Of them although badly try to survive has that. The studies, the leisure’s... are mortgaged.
    After a reading of the events which have breaths on the households Congolese: event
    BINDO, lottery of any kind, PMU... helped us to draw certain conclusions.
    1. The Congolese households are with the search of a new form of Business which will help their portfolios, which justified the surge of Congolese with this kind of activity. What justify our future success?
    2. A through MUBI MARKET CC, the Congolese households will see one new form of Business which will be saving so much from the monetary point of view that energetics.
    Our company will be a company of investment and management of household portfolio.
    We will start by trading on Forex, then we will have to extend our field of activity.
    We will like to announce that we will not work directly with individuals but rather with clubs of investments which will have a whole an account of trading open in our company.
    We will have business thus not have individuals taken particularly but have theirs representatives: club of investment or its secretary chairs. For more information please consult the document entitles: statute of the clubs investments.
    1.2 Characteristics of MUBI MARKET CC
    The first companies which began in management of portfolio preferred rather to concentrate in the countries with strong individual income. But time, showed us that the countries
    underdeveloped have also the capacity to mobilize a great saving.
    See this example that you can read the book of Didier Ngodola
    In 1990 and 1991, the Congolese households have fact shows of an enormous capacity have to save. About the years 1990 paired a company which can be called the remote sister of investment companies "BINDO PROMOTION ". The households had the choice between 2 " portfolios ": concerning both, the minimum deposit of 40 000 zaïres (equivalent of our days with 157 dollars) gave in the long term 200 000 zaïres (785 $). the deposit of 280 000 zaïres (1099
    $) produced 2 500 in the long term O00 zaïres (9812,5 $). a card was established in the name of each depositor which obtained from it a copy by way of deposit. In the term of the term, there were two forms of payment, the cash deposit for Super card and withdrawal in kind (domestic machines and electronic) for the Super market. In practice, the recipient could combine the two forms of payment. And at the end of a few months, it was the passion the recipients were going to speak about it with the others and the news it was answered as one trainée of powder and they were now not few starting tens but of the thousands which answered the call has. It recorded a minimum of 6000 investors (6000*40000 = 240.000.000 equivalent Zaïres has 942.000 $). That is not all, a second launched out in business "NGUMA PROMOTION " of comparable nature that BINDO PROMOTION.
    Promotion Nguma, called initially Longindo, settled exclusively in educational establishments higher. In theory, only the students were authorized with to carry out deposits. I1 also seems that the students were in load of the organization promotion in each establishment; in certain cases one also announces there participation of the teaching personnel. The minimum deposit was of 3000 zaïres, it 3 days term. The ceiling of deposits by institute was of 50.000.000 zaïres per day; that of the deposit by anybody and day would have been 500 O00 zaïres.
    In practice, the ceilings were not respected made that the passion was total.
    Taking into account the short period of the operation of this promotion, between two and four weeks, the organizers could constitute fabulous fortunes. Here is some testimonies. A student become ngzima (worker of known as " the company of investment") for two weeks entrusts: " I reveal you that I could quickly to constitute a sum of 140.000.000 zaïres and that grace has NGUMA.) > (Kayonga, p. 9). Another affirms: "Personally I wasted my time. I really lost and I have any memory at present. I do not have that a watch. All that I piled up is blocked. On the whole, I have 52 300 000 of zaïres that Nguma does not have vomit " (1-1, Bunga, p. 3). The third, a head of promotion, succeeded in constituting only one amount weaker, but being more careful, it saved its setting " (In this moment, I have 15 000 000 of
    zaïres which is blocked since Nguma does not have " vomit ". Admittedly, it is a loss enormous)". (1-1, Kapia, p. 2).
    With all that to say that the ground Congolese is not a favourable place would concern the madness. It account is drawn from the book from J.-C. William, B Gouvernance and policy. (Test on three African trajectories: Madagascar, Somalia, Zaire I), Books African (Brussels), No
    7-8, April 1994, p. 129.
    1.3 Creation appropriateness
    This situation (NGUMA AND BINDO) represents an opportunity that the creators of the company wish to seize to develop its investment company.
    With this intention, it has the following assets: Investment Company is currently present on the market. It is completely virgin and the range of everyone has a favorable density and a high taste
    for danger. The company is with source even pressing request appears near the customers who intended to speak about our company. Our country could be the first with being entirely covered by a network put on feet by MUBI MARKET CC.
    2. Strategic objective
    The company ambition is to position like the reference as regards investment in different steps financial throughout the world, and like the specialist in management in portfolios of the Congolese households and foreigners thereafter. It aims in particular at becoming it principal speaker in favour of the clubs of Congolese investments on the steps financial, which start to show interest on the subject.
    The trade consists of the design of the various techniques of trading, to produce allowing with each club of investment to be able to invest out of Stock Exchange.
    3. Strategic plan
    The objective, in the medium term, of the company is to generate a sales turnover (and a gross margin) he making it possible to reach its "size criticizes " from the very start of its third year of existence.
    This size essential minimum is explained by the diversity of the technical skills necessary for the design and the development (3 people) to which are added they resources necessary to operation, the production and the sale of the techniques of trading (being understood that the three starting people can deal with part of these needs). For personnel cash 3 people as from the third year, figure businesses of at least 6 million dollars will have to be reached. The growth will have to continue during the 2 years which follow to exceed 18 million sales turnovers.
    4. The market
    4.1 General characteristics
    The market of the investment occurred about 1990 when BINDO proposed the first offers of investment: Saturday fric and Cadeau surprised. Very quickly, the offices were overflowed.
    The trading often remained enough far from the countries under developed but we want it now to make enter by the large door.
    Indeed, the concept of trading strongly evolved/moved during these last years: and this throw in the developed countries would be like being narrow in one room containing 15 people, however it was designed at the beginning for 10 people.
    The market which the company aims at will be mainly that of the investment on the different ones steps financial of the world. Forex would be a good beginning and the remainder will follow.
    4.2 Products
    The products of the company are strategies of decision-making on different the steps and those concerning the management of the portfolio which makes it possible to help the various clubs of investment to be not only invested but also have to manage their portfolios effectively.
    I.e., all that is dregs has the decision-making is reserved has the investment company but at least a meeting every 2 weeks during the month would be necessary to explain to different Club from investment decisions taken.
    4.2.1 Current State of the products in the company
    The innovative products (strategies of trading) exist today only at the conceptual stage.
    The company plans to develop them as of its creation. Like it was known as above, the creator company conceived the first complete range of this equipment during its practices former. Certain products must be entirely redeveloped, and others consist of improvement of concepts already carried out.
    General description of the products
    The products are all the required equipment, in one way or another, for the investment financial on different the steps and those concerning management from the portfolio.
    In a general way, the production given always requires:
    Assets and equipment
     Trade stations 2 $7 500 $ 15 000
     Chairs 20 $ 200 $ 4 000
     Desktop/Dividers n/a $ 4 000 $ 4 000
     Cabling n/a $ 3 000 $ 3 000
     Routers 2 $ 1 500 $ 1 500
     Hubs 1 $ 1 500 $ 1 500
     Software Trade software $ 1500 $ 1 500
     Society car 2 $ 20 000 $ 40 000
    Total $ 70 500
    4.2.3 Description and function of the products
    We will have has to describe you our principal strategy SCHOLO 1, it is better to explain has through our slides that we sent to you in appendix.
    4.2.4 Calendar of development
    Research must lead to applicable strategies of trading between 2 and 4 months. Priorities depend on the relative importance of the financial products target and the resources necessary to their development.
    Concerning the strategies to be developed we will send a slide to you explaining clearly our strategy.
    4.2.5 Provisioning and production
    The considerable part consists of the development of a system of control and of tests of which the part "software " will be probably carried out in collaboration with a company data processing of the area. We will set up a center of training which will be useful exclusively with test strategies set up.
    Assets and equipment: Area Training
    The amount for open our areas of trading in the amount of the trading place multiply by . It gives us 211.500 $
    4.2.6 Description of the services
    We will have to assist the clubs of investment registers in our company so that it Invests effectively on the steps financial of the world.
    We will be to remunerate compared to a rate which will be to calculate on according to the deposits.
    5.1 Plan "Marketing"
    The company will proceed by direct sale of these strategies of trading on the Congolese markets and African south. For the other parts of the world, in particular the southern Southeast Asia and continent American, it will seek collaborations with specialized companies.
    5.2.1 The market segmentation
    The customers can be divided into 4 categories: of the various higher and university institutes of Congo and of Central Africa. large companies which want to be well protected from the swings from the rates of exchange: GECAMINE, MIBA, OCC...
    Congolese households which wish to inflate their savings. To the large firms, the company will provide especially "special contracts" (SCHOLO BUSINESS) allowing them to invest large sums. To the students, the company will provide especially smaller juicy contracts SCHOLO
    SCHOLARSHIP, which will be remunerate according to sections of investment.
    To the households, the company will provide a product exclusively names: SCHOLO BASKETOF
    Adequate MENAGERE has their position.
    5.2.2 The policy of the products
    The originality of the company will be to offer a range of strategies and portfolios adapt has each category at the same time complete and remunerative as well as a range of services allowing of answering the need totality of our customers will be in constant evolution. We will test has all moment to put on feet a permanent activity, so as to immediately be able to reflect in production progress of the technique development is made in collaboration with traders world entireties and software of tests of the strategies must be complete, even if if certain elements are sold little or are less lucrative. That is essential to the image of the company will be conceived to be able to function in an autonomous way are conceived according to the constraints of each category in routine, which require a reliability and a maximum ease of use.
    5.2.3 Promotion
    It will be done by the participation in the congresses and the fairs and by regular mailings of character informative. There will be amongst other things publicities in the specialized reviews. We consider one turned in Democratic Republic of Congo for a sensitizing which will be very juicy.
    The great events to which the company must take part in all the cases are the large ones annual congresses of traders. It plans to take a stand with the one of these congresses as soon as us will be 5 years old of existence. The creator of the company will continue to take part in the conferences specialized in trading. The rumour plays a great role in the sector and what say between them prospective users and customers is determining. The quality of the relations the after-sales one with customers already equipped can be regarded as a form of promotion.
    5.2.5 Distribution
    The sales of our strategies will be carried out by the company, either to end-users, or with companies which will integrate it. But the application is exclusively reserved has the TOTAL MUBI MARKET COMPANY, account of made that this product is immaterial.
    The large Congolesee firms and those of Africa Centrale will have to make a choice exclusively turn towards our company, because it will be only offering a cover of the kind.
    5.2 Organization of the company
    5.2.1 Personnel
    Competences of the founder are primarily of nature technical. It will need quickly to be assisted by a person with whom it will be able to share the effort of initial development so to allow him to start the commercial steps. This person will have a formation of base financial and a particular competence in the field of data processing. A technician assembler will be necessary as of the moment when the production will become certain extensive. Within sight of sales turnover which we consider, the team (except production) should not exceed 3 people. They will be exclusively part-time workers. The personnel consists of
     academic, the founder, exerting the functions of organization, administration, of study and design, of marketing and marketing. It will be able to lend them contest with the production.
     secretary and data processing specialist. She will be charged to hold all the documents of company.
     1 cash clerk in charge of finances, as soon as the volume of the businesses allows it.
     technician it will have to also be able to install only the material on site (more often abroad) and to imply itself in the constant effort of improvement of the equipment.
    The buildings must be as located close as possible of a centre shopping and a center banking, in seen to facilitate the exchanges. We will need to rent our own buildings, for that it would be necessary: 200 $ per month guarantee 1500 $
    We will pay in advance 12 months 2400 $ to avoid all disturbance affiliating has there hiring.
    Appendix 1:
    References relating to the lawful aspects:
    Appendix 2:
    Review showing the Nguma plays and bindo and their fortune.
    Appendix 3:
    Slides of our technique
    Appendix 4:
    All letters of conferences and calendars of rounds which we will owe organized.
    Appendix 5:
    Curriculum vitae of the contractor.

    tel 0027743017516

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    Smile sponsoring conference

    Objet : Sponsoring

    Dear Sir,

    Our company MUBI MARKET cc based in South Africa, having for objective (to promote a new form of investment in strongly wide RDC in the developed countries, to help the Congolese people to enter in a NEW LAND OF FOREX (FOREIGN EXCHANGE). We plan to organize several conferences in Kinshasa on the subject.

    We have several targets as you could see it in the enclosures which accompany this letter. The speakers are of Traders Forex of reputations of FRANCE, CYPRUS and the USA. This conference will relate to the impact of the financial markets FOREX : on the economy of the Congolese households.

    You could have fuller information concerning Forex on our Internet site or one we contact to the 0027743017516

    As you know it, the realization of these conferences generates costs and we are currently in the search of SPONSOR to carry them out.

    Thus, we seek the support of local or international companies as yours which could contribute us to the realization of these conferences, either in the form of gifts in materials, or in the form of financial assistance.

    It goes without saying that we will post your name and your logo on all our elements which will be not only posted during conferences but also of the booklets that we will distribute. We are at your disposal to present to you this project with more details if you consider it necessary. Please return your form of engagement by fax to the following number:
    • 086 27 46 207
    • +1 (636) 334 2537

    or by mall

    If the offer is appropriate to you want, us to forward your logos and slogan so that we inserted them in our booklets and billboards.

    Without forgetting that we will pass also your commercial on line on the Web thanks to one of our sponsor leader in the field of TV online during our event of world fame.

    In the hope that you will be sensitive to this request, please receive, Sir, the insurance of our distinguished consideration.

    Pretoria, le 2010-08-23

    MUBI BULU Dany
    TEL. +27 74 30 17 516

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    Danny, just step back and take a look at what you've presented here for a moment please.

    Does this look like a professional presentation that an investor would take seriously?
    The trouble with opportunity is it normally comes dressed up as work.

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    Sorry Danny, agree with Dave, free web address, free email address, wording, no specifics, i coudn't really even get the final direction of the plan..

    Personally my opinion would be to suggest it could even be a scam. - sorry to be so direct, but that was my immediate reaction

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    If you want to get successful in running your business it is advisable for you to look for a good business partner that help you expand your business and venture capital is also important to obtain all your needed business expenses.

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    That's long, here is a pleasant place, maybe you should put a appropriate place.

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