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Thread: How to operate a Blackberry???

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    How to operate a Blackberry???

    I realize that you cant explain all the functionality of a blackberry...but I just need to know 2 things

    1. How do you make a call - I key in the numbers and then it says turn Radio on (Why would I wanna turn the radio on while I am making a call)

    2. HOw do I type an sms???

    I am usually very sharp with these thigns but am battling with this phone.

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    Hi MissThang,

    The questions you ask are a bit too technical for this forum. I don't have a blackberry myself, but it sounds like your Blackberry's settings are incorrect. It's best to take it back to where you got it from, or phone your provider (Vodacom / MTN / Cell C / Virgin) to ask them about it. Blackberry's are popular, and they will have trained staff on it.
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    I think the radio on/off idea is so that you can play work on your Blackberry without crashing planes when you're in the queue to join the mile high club. Crashing planes is generally unpopular, and is particularly not recommended when you're sitting in one yourself
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