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Thread: Direct Marketing for Free (Almost)

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    @PeterCarruthers !!!

    Nice! - I have learned quite a lot from you over the years.
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    Thank you

    It's been one heck of a journey.

    In fact, two weeks ago, I handed a VHS video of my first seminar series in Cape Town to a local team to convert into real online video to be used as part of a "Legacy course" of my first series of seminars "Crash proof your Business", because so many businesses close the doors within the first year.

    I was reviewing the material and discovered that almost nothing is changed in the strategies and tactics since 1995. (During my first seminar, because I was so uncertain, I offered the 20 people that attended some sherry before we started. They slept right through the event.)

    And so, given the numbers, I'm going to bring that back, use the legacy course because I was a whole lot more passionate about the subject and the pain back then. It was real in a way that I can no longer describe. But I see it in the lives of many of the people that I now counsel.

    Isn't life wonderful? :-)

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