Just to let you know this caught my attention and I've been working on the issue.

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This is in the scam alert forum.
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Oh sorry did not realise. I'm on tapatalk and it's filled with ads so struggling to navigate efficiently.
Two things:

1. I'm not sure any of the mobile options show the forum associated when viewing the thread. So probably a universal "small screen" challenge. I may come back to this challenge one day, but I'm certainly not going to fret on it now.

2. I've followed up with Tapatalk with the "filled with adverts" issue in mind. When I originally set up Tapatalk, there were no ads. Seems this was so long ago not only have things changed considerably, but I'd forgotten any of the details on how I'd set it up too. Anyhow, after some wrestling with their support (which has proved to be a rather slow process) there should be some progress - logged in members shouldn't be getting any ads on Tapatalk anymore.

For those using Tapatalk to access TFSA, please let me know if things have improved on that front.