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Thread: Jhb City Power Contractors

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    Jhb City Power Contractors

    Hello all,

    Can anyone throw more light on how Jhb City Power selects and manages their contractors? It seems they have farmed out all the work to contractors, who, according to my experience, are not suitably qualified or experienced, or properly managed. I've seen this over the years from the guys then send out to attend to the never-ending mains supply problems I have. Solutions tend to be quick fix and level of workmanship is generally shocking.

    In particular, their solution to getting street lights working again (after not being able to come up with secure circuit breaker covers on the poles) is to now string up ABC cables between the lights at the top of the posts, on the bends. A hole is cut with an angle grinder to access the cable. This could impair the structural integrity of the pole but that is not the issue I want to write about here: they are wiring the normal circuit breakers to the cable in the open air without any protection from water / moisture / dust ingress, which besides failing a common sense test, is contravention of the SANS 10142. This is not in isolation, I've seen it all over the place where they are doing this

    Also a pik of some choice welding of sub station doors by said contractors, or perhaps even by City Power themselves.

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    What can be done?

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    I suppose you could try emailing them or complain to your ward councillor but not sure how far it will get you unless there's grounds for it being a safety hazard to people in the vicinity. As you say the standard of workmanship is absolutely appauling.
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