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Thread: Not Vat Registered - How to invoice 1.5 million

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    Not Vat Registered - How to invoice 1.5 million


    I spoke to 3 SARS consultants today and I don't fully understand what they meant. I just need clarification.

    I have received a contract (value of R1.5 million) from an NGO which is VAT registered.

    I am not yet VAT registered but I'm fully aware that I will be forced to register because I'll exceed the VAT exemption threshold.

    Once I do register, I will be liable to pay the VAT on the amount of money I received.

    How do I invoice my client?

    I can't give them a TAX Invoice if I'm not VAT registered.

    The SARS consultant said I have to invoice them without VAT and once I do get registered for VAT I need to reinvoice them.
    She also said that I can download the VAT payment undertaking letter from the SARS website (nowhere to be found) and this would allow me to give them a TAX Invoice (without a VAT number). The client can pay the VAT directly to SARS or I have to do it myself. That is entirely dependant on the client.

    Please advise


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    Is it a single invoice or are there going to be multiple invoices?
    Anyway you can delay invoicing until you have your vat number?

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