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Thread: Pastel Xpress Assistance required

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    Pastel Xpress Assistance required

    I took over the running of Pastel Xpress V12 for a client. Previous chap claims to have run a period end but the TB for this year is no showing any balances. Last Year TB is available. How to proceed with Take on balances.


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    If the new financial year starts on 1 March 2015, and you have closing balances as at 28 Feb 2015 that you want to take on, then open the General Journal, go to the Settings button at the bottom, and untick the box named "This Year Transactions", then click on Close. You will then see the words "Last Year" in red at the bottom of the journal. Now, select period 12 of last year, and capture the entries there using ledger account 9990/000 "Take on Balances"

    (taken from an earlier post by Neville Bailey - with relevant dates changed)
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