I have been using Pastel Express since about 2007. It has not been upgraded or changed in any way since then. We use it purely for domestic budgeting and accounts. It is running on a Laptop running Windows Vista SP2. Here at mid-2015. you can see that this system has been running unchanged for quite a few years. The operating system is Vista, which was never known for its speediness. Gradually over the last year or so this system has got slower and slower until now it is virtually unuseable. Pastel and the operating system are beyond our tolerance. Vista start-ups and shutdowns take a life time. All the standard disk clear-ups and defrags have been done. Regular Anti- virus and Malware updates and scans are performed. Nothing is detected. I suspect that the Pervasive Database may need re-organising or defraging, - which ever is appropriate. Questions : What insight does your experience give into this situation - Please? Can one/should one re-org/defrag this database? If so, - HOW. Help please.