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Thread: Salary not paid

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    Unhappy Salary not paid


    I really need some assistance / advice, I received a job offer for a contract position for 6 months, from a construction company.
    This company is starting a new factory based in Bloemfontein.

    On Friday the 1st of August, I was called in to say that I should work from home, as the company was still trying to find finance for the factory. No specifics were laid out, The told me my salary which had not been paid on the 31st of July would be paid that day.

    It is now the 06 August and I have not been paid, all contact made with them is ignored. I have called and I am disconnected, my husband was able to get to speak to the payroll admin and was told that my salary had been prepared but the owners son refused to release my salary.

    I have also been informed by a colleague that I should not waste time or money on a lawyer or the CCMA as they are well connected, and have many lawyers letters that they just ignore. They also refuse to give me my UIF card.

    I really just need my salary and my UIF card , what do I do

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    Hi Tracy,

    Salary matters are dealt with by the Department of labour and not the CCMA.
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    A couple of questions -

    When did you commence employment?
    Do you have a signed employment contract?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WillieBeasley View Post
    Well It seems like a big problem and it is not at all right.I would strongly suggest you to look up convention collective if you have any doubts.

    ? In South Africa ??

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