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Thread: Accounting Officer resignation

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    Accounting Officer resignation

    What would be the new procedure for an Accounting Officer to resign from a CC and notify the CIPC to have his / her name removed as Accounting Officer of that CC?

    The member's don't care for signing a CK2A to appoint a new Accounting Officer so it's up the the Accounting Officer to notify CIPC of the resignation.

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    Section 59(5)
    a) An accounting officer shall on resignation or removal from office forthwith inform every member of the corporation thereof in writing, and shall send a copy of the letter to the last known address of the registered office of the corporation and shall in addition forthwith by registered post inform the Registrar-
    i) that he has resigned or been removed from office;
    ii) of the date of his resignation or removal from office;
    iii) of the date up to which he performed his duties; and
    iv) whether,at the time of the resignation or removal from office of the accounting officer, that officer was aware of any matters in the financial affairs of the corporation which are in contravention of the provisions of this Act: Provided that an accounting officer who was aware of any such matter shall submit the full particulars thereof in writing to the Registrar.

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