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Thread: Fake call out Johannesburg for air time

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    Fake call out Johannesburg for air time

    Hi Guys there is a guy (Speaking english with Afrikaans accent) saying he is from a meat processing factory calling up sparkys to sort out a problem with an industrial freezer full of meat and a faulty earth leakage. Told me the address was on old Pretoria road. It sounded like a standard emergency call out until half hour into the drive he calls up, asks where you are, and tells you his wife is in desperate need for air time can you get some on route. I pretended to play along and said no problem, 2 mins later he calls up and asks for the pin for the air time. I didn't buy the air time any ways and guessed it was scam and a waste of time but I was P*&^ed of that I had to leave a job I was on and wasted over an hour driving there and back (the building he described/address didn't exist). He even says he will send his guys up to meet you at the gate as soon as he thinks you bought the air time. They phoned again 3 days later with the same problem and I played along, sure enough, half hour later, would I mind stopping for some air time. So if you joburg guys get a call from a guy with a freezer full of meat on the old Pretoria road, save yourself some time.

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    Thanks for the heads-up, hopefully it will alert and help others avoid wasting their time.
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    This guy deserves gynecomastia!
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