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Thread: Service not provided after deposit paid

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    Service not provided after deposit paid

    Hi all

    Just want to know where I stand before I deal with this guy. I bought a classic vehicle which I wanted to restore. Took a recommendation from some local car enthusiasts for a company who came out to look at the vehicle and quoted R15000 for panel beat and respray. No problem. They requested a deposit which I think is a pretty normal procedure, I paid R10000 by EFT to their account. They collected the vehicle 2 weeks later. I was told It would take about a month to complete, no problem not in a hurry.
    Phoned a month later, thinking it would be time to choose colours.... Nothing has been done. Not impressed but wasn't to concerned, not in a hurry. Phoned again about a month later, says getting ready for first layer of pain. Go look, nothing has happened. Mt business goes into overdrive and another 2 months pass. Last month, phoned again and told it will be ready by the end of the month. We are now over 6 months into this and I'm guessing nothing has happened. Surely consumer protection act should see me not having to much trouble getting my deposit and vehicle back, he hasn't provided the service I paid the deposit for. I'm quite easygoing about the project, wasn't a race to finish it, but now I think 6 month is enough time and still nothing has happened and I want to take to someone who actually wants to do the job for me.

    Its pretty cut and dry but if he gives me any trouble with getting the deposit or vehicle back I would like to know if the CPA covers this, should it get messy.


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    I'd probably start by sending a letter putting them on notice that either they do the work within 14 days or you'll seek legal remedy to recover your deposit.
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