We stay in a HOA of which there was no proper CIPC maintenance and directors were never updated. We are in the unfortunate position where our managing agent was also a director and the chairperson for many years. This led to a conflict of interest situation where this person is the only one who has access to our bank account.

I've been voted on as a director and I'm trying to sort out the director details of the HOA, so that we can update our signing rights to the bank account for instance.

I've sent through a COR39 form including, copies of the new directors IDs, our minutes of meeting where we state which directors need to be removed and which ones need to be added, and a sort of resolution/letter, on a letterhead, again stating which directors must be added and removed.

CIPC has now come back and stated that they require additional documentation. They are now asking for:
  • Certified Share Register
  • Notice of meeting issued to the concerning directors

None of these documents are mentioned on their website for the process of amending directors, but anyway.

What should this Certified Share Register look like? We are a HOA of 47 units so technically everyone is belongs to the HOA. Must we create a new register with all the owners? Is there a way to get the original share cert so that we can compare and update it? Our HOA is registered as a non profit organization.

The notice of meeting issued should be easy enough to create. As I understand it should just be a letter giving notice to this specific meeting of where it was decided to amend the directors right?