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Thread: Clients cancelling / not attending appointments

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    Clients cancelling / not attending appointments

    Good morning guys,

    I want to find out how the other accountants handle the following scenario:

    You make an appointment with a client a few days / a week ahead, to make sure you have time to attend to their problem / work.

    Every single time, they postpone the first appointment or simply do not pitch.

    This really messes up my plannning hey. I have an accounting practice that is growing at the speed of light, so getting round to all the clients and keeping them happy is a real challenge to me.

    How do you handle these kind of clients?

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    Well, in a growing practice it should be easy. Replace the clients who don't value your time with clients who do. Up the rate you charge them to cater for the missed time, and that'll either recover your costs or they'll go elsewhere and you can replace them with a better client. Well that's the theory anyway.

    You may have to charge repeat offenders for the meetings they missed - that may get them to notice

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    Some business people do not see the value of proper accounting and some are just plain rude by not keeping appointments. (read uncivilised)
    What ever happened to old fashioned manners?

    Confirm your appointment the day before and again on the morning of the day that you are supposed to meet.
    Excellence is not a skill; its an attitude...

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