I've searched high and low for a good LED emergency light, but it seems the market is flooded with chinese nockoffs that die 2 months after you buy it or 10 minutes before loadshedding starts.

I've bought the dome led light that supposedly fits in standard lightbulb fixtures but they rarely fit.
I've tried other smaller ones that fit but is switched on by any remote control, making them a nuisance when placed in any room where anything is switched on remotely. Also, i've come to despise these kind of lights since they have a limited charge controllers and a tiny battery that after a couple of months can't hold the same amount of charge anymore as a result.

I've visited builders express and warehouse, they doesn't have bright enough ones or what they supposedly should have is out of stock.

Our local hardware store has some lovely chinese ones for sale but they are so weak that I doubt i'll be able to read by them. But I like the design and hopefully there is something like it that works beautifully.

What I want is an LED version of those fluorescent emergency lights. The brighter the better.
If one isn't bright enough i'll buy 2 if need be.

Do anyone know where I might be able to get such a thing?