Hello Friends,

I have been coming to S.A for work since 2007, sometimes on work permit (long term), sometimes on business visa (short term).
My company is taking care of taxation but few months back my company provided me IT34A which states that I will get a refund of 6,000 Rands. I am now claiming it with SARS wherein I am submitting all relevant docs asked by them.

I have not collected my tax refund for a single time before. So, what happens if there was a SARS refund of say R2000 in 2007, R1500 in 2008 and I have not claimed yet. Is it is accumulated in successive IT34A. If that is the case, it means that the latest IT34A that I have got has taken care of old refunds. If not, then it means that I have to claim (or pay) for each previous years.

Also, SARS has mentioned tax reference number in the IT34A that I have got. Do we have same tax reference numbers for an individual for all the years or Is it uniquely generated for each year tax payment.

I hope my questions make sense to the forum as different countries have different terminologies and way of working

Txs in advance.