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Thread: FNB Forex service

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    FNB Forex service

    Has anyone used the FNB forex service on internet banking?

    I'm trying to find ways to send money (Euros) to my mother overseas and was wondering if going the FNB forex route.

    Up until know, I've just been depositing money into her VISA credit card and she withdraws cash from ATM, so far it works and she has the money the same day, only issue is the R50 withdrawal fee.

    I tried the FNB forex service by internet banking and they want you to fill in this huge form with all kinds of inputs. What's the point/benefit of going the online banking Forex route if I can just continue sending money via the credit card?

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    I did use this service some time back. Cannot remember how long it took for the funds to be transferred, but I think it was with in 24 hours.

    The requirements are per Reserve Bank not per FNB.
    One of the forex acceptances is funds to a mother or father or spouse or children.
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