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    He may be a 'dog of war' in Sudan, but despite the welcome laid on by the perjurer JZ, as soon as he learned that the South African Public were not going to put up with his presence he scuttled away like the scurvy cur he is.

    Glass half full or half empty, at least he didn't get to go shopping for mansions in Clifton.
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    The bedfellows a person keeps tend to either build you up or destroy you. There is a lovely saying in Afrikaans "soort soek soort" It is human nature to seek association with other humans who have the same interests as themselves. Is this not a question of two criminals coming together? Is Zuma not guilty of crimes against humanity? He is the head honcho of a country that allows plus minus 20,000 people to be murdered every year. We will not go into our horrendous rape and robbery statistics.

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