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Thread: Office voice and ASDL setup advice needed

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    Office voice and ASDL setup advice needed


    We are busy moving into our new offices and I need to organise a voice and ADSL solution (we will be going for a 20MB line).

    We will be 10 people to start with more joining in the next couple of months.

    Who is the best company to contact regarding a solution? I've tried calling Telkom Business in order to get a voice line installed but 2 hours of waiting on the phone later I still havent managed to talk to consultant.

    My questions are broadly:
    1. Should we be going voice or VOIP?
    2. Who sorts out the multiple lines we'll need for a business?
    2.1 As part of the above obviously we'd need a separate line for the boardroom I'd imagine so that we can conference call without engaging other lines.
    3. We wont have a receptionist in the beginning so what is the best solution for this?

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    We had voip and discarded it. All our lines are thro telkom, but we bought a switchboard separately so that we are not tied into any contract. We have a receptionist as well but if she is not at her station we can answer anywhere. We also have a national 0861 number whereby you can program that if people phone you from the CT area for example it will go thro to our CT office and if they phone from Jhb to that same number it will go thro to our Jhb office.
    Once you get hold of a business solutions person it all goes well. There is also a website now for Telkom that you can report any fault - with a fairly quick turnaround and they sms you progress etc.

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    For our Hotels, Lodges and Spa's I use a company based in Centurion, who also do all of Pick and Pays Telecommunications nationally. Contact Adriaan on Switchboard: +27 12 667 1112 or MaxiCall: 0861-MORGAN They offer the best support and service, often helping us over weekends and late into the night. They do PABX's, VOIP, call centres etc. You may also contact him on his cell Tel 082 550 4091. His website is
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    We recently moved to a company called Bitco for our Telco needs. They offer the best rates and also support. We have never been happier. Try them. 0860024826

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