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Thread: Investments - Good, Bad and Ugly

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    Investments - Good, Bad and Ugly

    Let me start by saying this is not my day...
    Tired of the scams, unsupported promises, unrealistic expectations on property prices, and generally bad performance of those out there who profess to offer investment opportunies, I would like to pose the following two questions to the forum:

    Today - 2015 - what do you find to be a good investment and why. At risk of stating the obvious, please include what the return is that you are getting or expecting.

    What investments has been a bad (or just plain ugly) experience for you and why?

    Looking forward to your opinions and views - maybe it will make my day better!

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    Owning the building your business is in.

    In 1994 we purchased a building, and moved our 5 businesses there. Previously we were renting with a 15% yearly escalation clause. Our bond repayment was less than the rent we had been paying. Granted, not the best area, but never the less it was relatively secure. When business dropped in the late nineties, and early 2000, the bond had been paid off, as the bank required us to pay up with in 5 years because of the area, this fact that there was no bond, was the saving grace of surviving the times or going bankrupt. I then left the business in 2004, and was able to collect my share back at the same value I purchased it at, with the share of profit of all the years that the businesses paid rent.
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