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Thread: Good POS system

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    Good POS system

    My wife's business (a farmstall with a average monthly turnover of R1m) Is currenlty running on a Vector POS system. This is however a waste of time as the front POS and Back office isn't communicating, which basically means you are never sure of your stock on hand as some stocks are "allowed" to run into negatives.

    We are looking for a POS system that basically can be used on the current hardware (2 Point of sales PC's and a back office PC, they are able to use scanners when invoicing. We need to be able to Scan in stock (will have to get a mobile scanner for that) and invoice. We need to keep a tab on cost of sales, sales and GP (value and percentage) and it will have to be able to some cash payouts from the tills.

    We do NOT need in depth financials and reporting as this is done by the family butchery on the farm.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Hannes,

    Have you considered Pastel's POS system (see attachment)?

    Drop me an email if you require more information.
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