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Thread: Battery risks

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    Battery risks

    We see batteries being installed everywhere on a daily basis.

    What are the risks with regards to charging batteries and the location of batteries in close proximity to electrical installations?

    We are know that batteries become a high risk when being charged because of the hydrogen, but at what point do you need to be aware of the dangers?

    Do we have to take the type of battery into consideration?

    Do you have to take any precaution when installing:

    1/ Sealed batteries, which are suppose to be sealed and do not release any hydrogen while charging.

    2/ Deep cycle, which have an outlet but do not release huge volumes of hydrogen while charging.

    3/ other types which are no sealed.

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    For larger flooded batteries or deep cycle there should be natural ventilation in the room at a volume of at least 2 changes per hour, if not a gas alarm or forced ventilation should be installed. We install a tray underneath a battery bank as a spillage or boil-over precaution and all terminals and connections etc should be covered to prevent accidental contact. Appropriate safety signage should also be visible regarding flammability, acid burn and electrical contact hazards. The installation regs cover the electrical safety requirements of ELV and battery installations which were updated in Amdt 6 or 7 onwards, can't remember which offhand.
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