Hello all,

Today I received a letter from the UIF dept claiming that I owe them R1623.00. They say I have claimed benefits whilst being employed.
I was on maternity leave from 26 January 2004 - mid May 2004, but according to them the UI-19 completed by my then employer states that I returned to work on 1 May 2004.
My then employer has closed business in the mean time and I can't remember that long back when I started working... but I'm sure that I took my full 4 months maternity leave! (i.e. from mid Jan to mid May).

do I have any rights here?
They say they cannot change the UI-19 now, unless the employer does, but as I say, they don't trade any longer...

Surely 11 years is a long time to wait to ask for funds back?

please help...