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Thread: 2015/16 Budget a political ploy

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    2015/16 Budget a political ploy

    So we're all reeling from the budget speech and government's intention to tax the working to death and reward the lazy during the next few years (as have been the case for a while now).

    Cosatu warned Nene not to increase VAT and Nene obliged. Cosatu also want poverty and unemployment seriously addressed and reduced.

    The winning question to Mr. Vavi though is: How on earth do you expect that to happen when the unequal tax system is stifling economic growth and inhibiting a sense of independence among our vast and ever increasing population with a beggar-mentality instilled in them by the very same government?

    Too complicated a question Mr. Vavi? Let me rephrase. 10 of you want to take a taxi to Nkandla to attend the ball. Only 2 of the passengers are going to pay the whole fare for 10 passengers and the other 8 ride for free. The 2 paying passengers can't afford the fare as they also had to pay for all 10 people's lavish outfits to wear to the ball. The 2 paying passengers are further unable to gather more money to pay the taxi fare as they are being kept out of more lucrative jobs by way of fair discrimination to benefit the 8 non-paying passengers. You do the math Mr. Vavi, and you Mr. Nene, as you are just as guilty of this injustice being done to the South African economy.

    Increasing taxes was a decision that will not stimulate economic growth, but will reverse growth. And increasing taxes unequally burdens the goose laying the golden eggs even more while the lazy ones stand in queues for their hand-outs with no aspirations, no hope and no future.

    The budget was thus a political tool to ensure future votes and to not upset the people voting for the ruling party, not a well thought through financial and economic plan of action.

    We can all complain about the lack of insight of the people who devised the budget but the pain will only really be felt in the following few years when the economy is eroded, the poor poorer and the masses more restless about their grants not being sufficient in an ever deteriorating economy.

    But don't despair Mr. Vavi and Mr. Nene, history has proven that, no matter how long the queues and how small the hand-outs, lazy and uneducated voters will vote for you until kingdom come!

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