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Thread: N-Tyre - ItMakesCents - Kevin Pearman

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    Lightbulb N-Tyre - ItMakesCents - Kevin Pearman

    Actually got referred here by the kind people over at Sharechat (thanks MrDividend).
    They suggested this might be a more appropriate plaform.. anyways on with it ...

    Some may or may not know about Kevin Pearman and his ntyre company.
    Some might even know of his latest thing called ItMakesCents.
    For those that do you'll also know that in its 10 years people have yet to see any sort of financials let alone progress or heaven forbid an actual return.

    My point is that over time this guy has taken a lot of money off of a lot of people.
    Ironically he is still advertising for new investment if you look around (, and his cell c thing looks a hell of a lot like a pyramid scheme.

    I am trying to get everyone who has dealt with this guy together via a platform so we can collectively figure out how to hold this guy accountable. I am an 'investor' myself and for months now he can't even be bothered to return my mails, that was the last straw.
    I'm tired of being strung along as I'm sure the other 450 (according to Kevin's comments toward the dearjon blog) are too.

    So anyone with some fair comment is welcome to post here or check out the Facebook page.

    Thanks for any guidance / support in this endeavor.

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    Perhaps u should tell us more - never heard of him.

    Ps by posting his link you are actually advertising for him

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