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Thread: Boosting the African economy.

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    Boosting the African economy.

    I was watching t.v. now, for a change, and they were talking about how to boost the economies of Africa. this made me lose interest as i had my own ideas, of course, we all do!

    So, if we want to employ more people seeing as how we have a human labor pool that is very great, we need to satisfy the labor pool with the jobs they need. for example, in Nigeria there is Nollywood which makes movies for africans. this would mean, of course, that the business could expand if there were more people with jobs to savor this luxury. then there is zambia's war machine! this country has the largest armed forces in Africa. Mozambique actually has a port so they could do a lot to satisfy the needs of their neighbors.

    So, there must be more jobs to use the labor pool. of course the way parlaiment is run the politicians are very lazy focusing on the wrong things. for example, a lot of time was taken up with the Oscar Pistorius case, i mean, does it really have to take so long, bottlenecking the whole system? who cares? some woman dies, many people die on the streets every night, not news.

    Now, if you were to work quickly there would be more action. instead of explaining every angle on every matter, they should give a title and numbers - the names is what takes up so much time, as, everybody wants to see their own people take it over. if the state was to just work with the things that matter, things will go faster and better.

    If the jobs are created they will be worked at. this can be done by creating more infrastructure, like power and water availability. then cell phone coverage too, these things are a must. if the stuff was to be sent to the rural areas, they will sell their goats and things in favor of new stuff. this is certain - who wants to bath in dirty water after they try a nice new shower? this is just one example - let them savor the samples, then jack up the 'barter.'

    But, what about the squatter camps? they are full of people that are willing yet unable. this means they need to be given simple jobs in factories. if the state was to observe how much money it could make from this - building a cheap factory to sell off - then the factory will be bought, guaranteed. i mean, tell a billionaire that there is time to develop, they will look instantly at the market as they want money and surety now! if you make a factory with machines and stuff, they will buy it. this is because they recognize the fact that it could not do very well in the markets, so, will rather get one with a order already. i mean, selling a factory with jobs is hard, selling the same thing with a pledge for work is much easier - it is basically like being given money! yeah!
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    Unfortunately, in the real world there are 4 items that can not make this happen in RSA,
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