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Thread: Traffic Offences

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    Traffic Offences

    We travel on the Stellenbosch Arterial road daily. This is a dual road with two lanes on either side. During the morning and afternoon traffic some people make this a four lane road. A few mornings ago I counted 26 vehicles going passed us using the 4th lane and this now excludes the 3rd lane. This happened between two sets of traffic lights over a distance of about one km. These two lanes are marked with full white and yellow lines.

    These people mostly travel only up to the next robot where they would pull back into the correct lane and by doing so slowing down everybody behind them.

    The question I have is whether there is a website where one can put pictures of the vehicles doing this?
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    Maybe rather send an email to Robin Carlisle and attach some pictures for his viewing pleasure.
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    There used to be this site called road hogs. Not sure how visited it is though ... So your pictures might not draw a lot of attention

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