Hi there

I have recently had to re install Pastel Xpress Startup V12. The installation was successful, however when I open pastel, I get the error "Run Time Error 9, Subscript out of range" and Pastel will then not open at all

Please could someone kindly advise what I could do to fix the error?

I have tried doing a "repair" of the installation in control panel under 'installed programs', but I still get the same error.

thank you so much

I have also followed these instructions: but its still giving the same error

Delete defaults and controls.

3.1. Close / Exit Pastel (and make sure all other users close / exit Pastel if the Pastel program is being run in a multi-user environment)
3.2. Click on Start... Find / Search... For Files or Folders
3.3. In the Named field type accdflt.00*, acccntrl.00*
3.4. Click on Browse, locate and select the company (database) folder i.e. C:\Pastelxx\Company name, and then click on OK
3.5. Then click on Find/ Search Now
3.6. Upon finding the files, simply highlight all of them (press Ctrl+A), and delete them