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Thread: Importance of SAICA Articles?

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    Importance of SAICA Articles?

    Good Morning,

    Hope all is well with everyone?

    I'm busy studying part-time for my CA degree and I am confused as to the importance of the SAICA articles, as I have had various answers regarding this. I have been working in a financial department as a Bookkeeper/Junior Accountant for +-4 years and by the time I'll obtain my degree and post graduate diplomas, I'll have 7 years experience. I've learned all my knowledge from working directly with a SAIPA registered Accountant for +-4 years, surely this counts for something? And my final question is, say for instance I'm working at a registered training office, but as a Bookkeeper/Accountant while I'm still studying, and then when I complete my degree I decide to do my SAICA articles through them, will they be able to reduce my salary to the market related salary for article clerks even though I will currently have a higher position within the firm?

    If someone will please shed some light on the above, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I would assume that it all has to do with the management, if they will be prepared to pay the salary that you are expecting, or whether they will maintain the current salary structure. Generally in any business, even if you are down graded in position, the norm is that the salary that you were earning usually remains as what you were earning, unless there is a clause in your employment contract indication otherwise.

    The fact that you have a degree guarantees no right that you going to get paid market related salary. Once the minimum wage threshold is achieved, you are on your own, and it all depends on who will want to use your skills at a given price. In many instances because employment can not be found at the salary you wish to get, forces you to be employed at a lower salary scale.
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    With regards to your SAICA articles and your prior work experience, apply for RPL when you start your SAICA articles. They will consult with your training officer and most probably give a reduction. I got 6 months off. A friend got 1 year off - all depends on your situation. Good luck.

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