I am an accountant doing Pastel consulting on a limited scale. I have had many previous queries on Pastel that were resolved by answers that I found in this Forum.

I now have a query that I am not able to find any relevant information on: I have a client implementing Pastel Partner v14 - they have specific needs regarding the ability to do real time quotes based on information from the Pastel data , i.e. they want to do quotes in Pastel and then see their margins on the quote as they are they are doing it . Furthermore they are in need of a Customer Repair Management system as they sell products that are under warranty and then when faulty items are returned it is sent to the supplier for repair or replacement - they need to manage this process. From my experience I know that the standard Pastel package does not cater for these needs - is there anyone who can refer me to a reliable 3rd Party Developer who maybe has created a add on for any of these two instances?

Thank you for your help