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Thread: Needed win RaR software to watch video. Did not bother

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    Needed win RaR software to watch video. Did not bother

    How is your mood? How are you?
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    It so happened that my business took a very long time and I just have not had time to build his personal life.
    But now I decided to correct this big mistake. I'm sure that you want to know from where I learned about you.
    I signed up on a dating site to which she saw your pictures and Email.
    Tell you the truth I like you very much liked. I was looking for just such a man as you.
    That's why I decided on this folly.
    I would like that to our acquaintance with you was not like a platitude.
    And that's why I recorded a video for you. In this video I talk about myself and tell you my phone number.
    I will be pleased if you are viewing this video, and I hope you can send me an SMS or make a call.
    I'm not a little girl that needs writing. I want to talk to you over the phone.
    I'm asking you to download and watch videos.
    I set a password for that would not who but you could not see this video.
    Password video lovemail
    I hope that you fulfill my request. I beg you do not answer my email.
    I'll wait for a call from you mobile phone. bye

    "I'm in my early 60's. A women has yet to write me a note of this nature. For a monday morning, a brilliant start. i'm flattered" Flaker

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    Good luck Flaker!
    An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't. - Anatole France

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