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Thread: How can I locate a last will and testament?

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    How can I locate a last will and testament?

    I hope I'm posting in the right place. A Google search directed me to a post in this category regarding a will.

    The doctor told us this morning that my father is not going to leave the hospital alive.

    The problem is that although I know exactly where my parents kept their important documents, the chairman of the board of trustees has gained a power of attorney from my father (although I hardly think my father had any idea what he was signing). I am not allowed access to my parents' place and the chairman denies finding the will in the place I indicated to him. (This is not the only thing that is really fishy about the board members' conduct. For instance, I asked for my father's phone to get contact details of his family and my request was refused. I know my parents had an ANC contract, the chairman claims they were married in community of property. Etc.)

    So now I need to find a copy of the will.

    Any ideas?

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    If your father is still sound of mind and still able to do it, then he can change or issue you with the power of attorney. I would get advice from an attorney, as it seems that there is going to be legal issues in the very near future.
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    Sounds very fishy to me.

    Chairman of the trustees? Are you talking sectional title? I wonder why your father would give such powers to a potential stranger instead of his family?

    Beware, I heard of a case where a financial advisor managed to write himself into the will of a elderly lady....

    I am guessing here but are ANC's are not registered somewhere e.g. with the Master?

    Maybe your dad had a deposit box at a bank?
    Ask his financial advisor if he had one...
    Just fishing for ideas here.
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    Good luck with this. Having noticed the behaviour of various acquaintances and family members over the last couple of years, I have come to the conclusion that there is no other time when you see the true nature of people as clearly as when someone passes away. And mostly what is shown is not a pretty picture at all.
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    Does he have life cover or any policies?
    Contact the adviser if he does and ask if he drafted any wills for your father?
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