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Thread: Receiving Money via PayPal

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    Receiving Money via PayPal

    I have a new client in Australia who would like to pay me via PayPal.

    I do have a PayPal which I have only used for making overseas payments, but I have never used it for receiving money.

    How can I set it up to receive money and what information do I need to give my client so that he can pay me?
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    Hi Neville
    I'm still in the process of registering with Paypal to receive funds which I'll do once I get a project but a friend registered on line - not sure if it's through FNB, Forex had something to do with it but she has never had a problem receiving her funds and according to her doesn't pay any 'fees'.

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    I used to have a Paypal account before my son got me suspended when a shady character tried to buy game points from him. Paypal then insisted I supply them with my ID and a photo to get my account reinstated. I won't do that even for Paypal as that would make me very vulnerable to identity theft. Anyway, I digress...

    You do pay fees on the Paypal side and FNB charges additional fees to get it into South Africa. As far as I know, FNB is the only bank with which you can get the money from Paypal, but they do allow you to withdraw the money through them, even if you don't bank with them. You are supposed to be able to do this with their on-line banking system, but it is tricky. Alternatively you can phone them, I guess.
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    Pretty much what Newretailer said, Neville. Us SAffers have to deal with FNB. I've heard stories of ways around it via having friends offshore, but I don't know any details and is possibly murky waters.
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