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Thread: pastel 12, file corruption : network ?

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    pastel 12, file corruption : network ?

    Hi there,

    i have some issues with Pastel getting sometimes file corruption etc.

    7 users on pastel : (4 on Windows 8pro, 3 on Win7pro)
    180 users on network
    5 in one building, 2 in another building.

    After some changing because of the issues i got like file corruption etc, and also because Windows 8 cannot connect to a domain i put this computers on workgroup. (same workgroup) with the neccesary share folder access...

    I just wonder also are it possible that the files can get corrupted because i use a normal network layout with desktop switches etc? Are it actual better to upgrade to layer2 switches to prefend file corruption over a network? Just want to make sure before i set my mind on "that is the reason for the file corruption" of pastel file corruptions in the book-set... It's a bit of steep expenses if we must upgrade the network... to solve this issue.


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    Data corruption in Pastel is generally caused by:
    • Power fluctuations (dips, surges, sudden power outages)
    • Unstable network - even breaks in communication of milliseconds can cause corruption
    • Unstable server/workstations (freezing, auto-restarts)

    I am not sure if you are running Pervasive Workgroup edition or Pervasive Client-Server edition. It is recommended that, if you are running more than 5 concurrent users on a network, you should be running Pervasive Client-Server edition. This offers far more stability than the Workgroup edition.

    Make sure that all computers are running the same version of Pervasive and check, on the Pervasive Licence Administrator, that the correct version of Pervasive is registered permanently and that there are no other versions of Pervasive with permanent registration.

    What error messages are you getting, if any?
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