Good morning

Please may I ask for some urgent advice.

I have a son with a woman which I was not married to.

There have been many disputes regarding numerous issues.

One of them being the maintenance...
I have been paying maintenance for 2 years now, in the beginning, I was summonsed to court and was given the option to either settle such in court or to settle such with the mother.

We decided to settle such out of court and had to pay "X" amount for maintenance.

I signed the forms stating that "X" amount had to be paid to her monthly and on the "Consent and Maintenance order" it was stated that "No other contributions are applicable".

The mother still from a few years ago has not yet sent me the signed and filed copy which she was supposed to hand in at the court.

(Just to say, we have about 20 hours away from one another in different provinces)

The maintenance was then increased at the beginning of this year by around 45% which I happily agreed to, but have not received the updated forms to sign or previous forms.

She now wants me to pay for/or contribute (basically saying I have no option) for a party for my son, but I am financially struggling, trying to keep up with living expenses and the maintenance I am paying for my son.

My questions I have are the following :

- Do I even need to pay maintenance due to the fact that I have no signed and approved documents from the court that she was supposed to hand in/or have to pay the new amount also due to the fact that I have not signed any documents stating that I will pay the new amount?

- Am I liable to contribute or pay for his party?

I would really appreciate assistance and advice regarding such.

Thank you very much