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Thread: World wide shipping

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    World wide shipping

    I have for a year been building a new women's accessories brand with a product I manufacture. I have a few retail stores stocking my product, however the big drive and success has been online sales though our website.

    I want to expand my website/online shop internationally as I believe this is best opportunity of getting brand growth. This part I understand how to do and have a plan.

    My Questions is to do with shipping. Are there companies out there that would hold my stock, say in the USA and UK, then they would dispatch my orders for me when i give them notice. To send many little express packages (under 0.5kg) from SA to USA, UK its too expensive, but if I could send bulk and it gets individually dispatched closer to the clients I think will reduce cost and time a lot.

    Any suggestion and Recommendations.

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    "Dropshipping" is fast becoming the new trend.
    Google it - I'm sure you will find a few companies in the US that would be willing to assist.... at a price of course
    Best of luck!
    "If at first you don't succeed, do it like your mother told you."

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