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Thread: News sites with sound.

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    News sites with sound.

    I have noticed that some news sites give you the pleasure of a video ad with sound.
    The ones I have seen are and when this happens I just close the tab and ignore that site for a week or 2. I know you can just mute your speakers, but that I forget to do.
    Does this annoy anyone else and what is the best way to deal with this?
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    I cannot cope with sites that have sound. I love watching documentaries on the one screen while I work (of surf) on the other. Then a website suddenly pops up and messes up whatever else you are listening to. I've heard that there is software that you can download to block the sound, maybe a Firefox plug-in.
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    Yes very f....g annoying. With this you also have the pleasure of everyone else in your office thinking that you busy surfing the net for fun, and not doing any work.
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