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    Tax Preparer

    I am employed part time by 3 small companies. My duties include filing tax returns etc for them. I also have been filing tax returns for the owners of these companies and my family and a neighbour or two for the last 25 years. I do this as part of my job for the companies and do not charge the individuals . I was a SARS registered tax practitioner but do not qualify for the new definition of same, as I do not belong to any auditing body. On my efiling page, all these taxpayers are listed and I can access any one of them from my page and do what needs to be done. I have "deregistered" as a tax practitioner with SARS, but wish to continue submitting the returns for all these entities. I have registered as a tax representative for the companies, (which I believe will enable me to continue submitting PAYE and VAT returns etc (and surely income tax as well?), but when I try to register as a tax representative for the individuals, it is not accepted . From what I can gather, I would be a tax preparer, and as such not be able to submit returns.

    Will I be able to keep the list on my profile, or will each of the taxpayers have to register for their own efiling profile, and then have me appointed as a tax preparer on each of them.

    Does anyone have a full and proper definition of tax representative and tax preparer, and how these will work especially with regard each entity having to register for efiling separately.


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    Contact SAIPA CoTE ( for information on how to become a registered member to be able to file legally.

    You could register each of the individuals on their own eFiling profile and use the login and password to gain access to the profile to do the filing. Just bear in mind that it will look like they filed it themselves so take great care when doing so as they are still responsible for what is submitted but won't have any recourse against you if anything is submitted incorrectly. It is advisable to rather get registered with an Institute though.

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