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Thread: CIPC Survey

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    CIPC Survey

    I just got this. I do not have time to test it now, but I would say anything will be better as current site is awful and annoys me each time I have to use it.

    Dear CIPC Customer

    CIPC is in a process of concluding a new website, which will be launched soon. We would like to have your inputs on whether this new website:

    Is visually appealing, intuitive and simple enough

    Is easy enough to find the information that you are looking for

    Is easy enough to understand the language and the terms used

    Wed also like to have your overall views on the website and some recommendations. If you have used our website before, please also give a comparative input on the existing vs the new website and whether or not the new website addresses your concerns on the existing website.


    STEP 1:
    Decide on a specific function/ service that you would like to test (general information, or transactional, or follow up or any other) on:

    1: Company or co-operative registration

    2: Company or close corporation or co-operative amendment, annual returns , re-instatement or information disclosure

    3: Customer code/ password/ funds

    Please note that we would like your responses to be in relation to a specific function that you have chosen.

    STEP 2:
    Click on the link below, to view the new CIPC website and to go through the function/ service that you chose on step 1:

    Please make notes as you go along, in order to give a compressive feedback at the end.

    STEP 3:
    Please click on anyone of the 2 links below to provide us with your feedback on your experience. Please note that you need to first go through the process of testing the website before proceeding with this link:


    Please use only one of these 2 links as they will both take you to the same survey. Should you experience any problems with the testing link, please provide narrative feedback on your experience by simply responding on this email.

    Should you wish to give further inputs (over and above what the survey link provided for), you are welcome to respond to this email with more information.

    We would appreciate your inputs on or before 13h00 on Thursday the 12th of June 2014.

    CIPC values and appreciate the time you are taking to assist us in improving our website usability.


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    Is this the site that cost 32 bars or something along those lines?
    Last I heard there was a punch up as to had won the tender.
    Do you think if you offered any advise the 'experts' at cipc would listen and actually do something about it? I have yet to see them heed any advice on any subject over the past 40 years - have they changed?

    Would I help them with their surveys? Whats the point?
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    Would I help them with their surveys? Whats the point?
    My first thoughts are "not again"

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