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Thread: Accounting Product suitable for wholesaler that will make stock management easier

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    Accounting Product suitable for wholesaler that will make stock management easier

    Good Day

    Could someone please point me in the right direction. Someone that I know owns a wholesaler and is having heaps of trouble with his stock counting and management. They still use the old pen and paper method but some of his staff is stealing and ripping him off with large amounts of stock and by the time he finds out its too late. What sort of accounting system will be easy to manage for a normal pen and paper type of person.
    We are thinking something that will record the stocks received when new stock is booked in, and that will keep track of sold stocks and will have a record of the stock credits, returns etc. It must be a simple easy to understand system so that you can train people who are not highly educated. So it must be user friendly and not require excessive training, maybe in-house training for all the staff. It would be nice if you can open the system and check the stock levels in the store room without having to physically do a stock take.

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Vinruby,

    Send me an email or call me on 082 456 7881 and we can discuss whether Pastel Partner will be suitable. You can download a PDF brochure of the system from this link.
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    Just remember that any stock system to be effective requires the dedication and discipline of proper data entry, else you will get garbage out for garbage in.
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    I am massively impressed with QuickBooks Enterprise with the Advanced Stock add-on enabled. Ridiculously powerful, transparent and easy to use.

    Certainly worth a close look as an option, given your requirements.
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