Like the heading of this thread says, All network marketers are not amatures who just want to spam. We can also just talk about our industry withou trying to sponsor or recruit. Anyway , below is my response to some senior forum members who insist that when we talk about mlm we must talk about the products as well. Otherwise - according to them we are secretive..

Hey Guys the intention was never to be secretive about the opportunities I promote as well is its products. Both are legit with products that people will buy irrespective of the income opportunity.

The first company, an international company I've promoted online for the last 5 years is Global Domains International. Their product is .ws domains including webhosting, for $10 per month. They payout a total of 5dollars(50%) ,ie 1dollar per level over 5 referral levels. I still earn a monthly income in USD every month, although i stopped promoting that opportunity about three years ago... Now that's what I call residual income.
for those who really want to know more (cause I am really not gonna go on and on about it, check this link ...scroll to the bottom of that page and fill in the green movie ticket for your personalised short movie.

The second one is brand new and is heralding a new era for network marketing in South Africa. When a 168year old company like Old Mutual enters the network marketing arena then I say Network Marketing has finally earned the respect it deserves. You can bet your bottom dollar that Old Mutual wont get involved in anything dodgy. I have also found that the Old Mutual Connecta opportunity is the easiest mlm I have ever had to promote, because when people see it's Old Mutual , they dont ask the usual "is it a pyramid" questions. They just ask for the application forms.
For those who want to do due dilligence click on the red link below this post for a full review of the opportunity.