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Thread: Teacher Un-Teach Me

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    Teacher Un-Teach Me

    While watching the news last night I heard one person say that they taught me to do this. This was about service delivery protests where the protestors were causing quite a ruckus. I was left with the thought that our country is in a state of anarchy.
    The dictionary definition of anarchy "1.Lack of government or control, resulting in lawlessness. 2. disorder". What goes round comes round.

    I am attaching two poems that I wrote a couple of years ago which I believe describe what is happening in our country.

    Teacher you were my leader at the time
    You told me you would liberate me
    To achieve this you taught me disobedience
    How to vent my anger on authority
    How to practice civil disobedience
    How to destroy the institutions of Government
    How to blockade roads with burning tyres
    How to burn loot and destroy shops
    You tell me I am now liberated
    But I am now so mixed up in my mind
    I am still doing what you taught me
    Teacher, Teacher, please Un-Teach me now…

    2. Service Delivery.

    • The sewerage is overflowing
    • My children play in it
    • There is no water in my house
    • We bathe in a bucket
    • Mr. Council Man why is this so
    • Eish!! The pump she is broken.

    • I wait hours for pension payout
    • I am old sick and hungry
    • The queue moves very slowly
    • I am told to come back the next day
    • Mr. Council Man why is this so
    • Eish!! The computer she is too slow

    • There are holes in the road
    • The street lights do not work
    • Storm water comes into my house
    • Criminals torment me at night
    • Mr. Council Man why is this so
    • Eish!! We will investigate

    • Mr. Council Man you promised me
    • Mr. Council Man I voted for you
    • Mr. Council Man why did you lie to me
    • Mr. Council Man you do not do your job
    • Mr. Council Man why is this so
    • Eish!! We will have a meeting

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    I'm with the Sons Of Anarchy.
    We do have a Government or Control that has created lawlessness as you suggest.

    I sat in meeting next to the Rev Frank Chikane about 15 years ago discussing bad debts in the SA Housing Trust Company, a loan company set up to help house those who could afford small bonds. He was laughing to himself and quietly said to to me, "I started the rent boycott scenario, with the civic organisations which seems to have been very successful, now for my sins I am in charge of an organisation that needs to reverse that scenario".
    He was only there for a short while. They knew about the lessons you talk of many years ago.
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    SA is most definitely reached a state of anarchy:
    1. Anarchy in the civil justice system;
    2. Anarchy in the criminal justice system;
    3. Lawyers who blatantly coach their clients to lie in court;
    4. SAPS personnel who could not care less about their performance. Drunk/asleep on duty - disinterested.
    5. General disregard for the rule-of-law in so many areas.
    6. Total disregard for member/partners in business. Even 90% ownership would not save some situations. He who controls the money is king!
    7. Prolonged mining strikes aimed at forcing mine owners to leave. Allowing 'legal' nationalisation by the government. (Watch this space).

    People know that the system is broken & broken, so purposefully game what is left, for their own benefit.

    The economy seems to be in somewhat of a free-fall over the past few months - especially in KZN. Industry seems to be paralised in many areas. Mike Schlusser(sp?) - economist - sees the SA economy as having stagnated for at least the past 18-months.
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