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Thread: Fantastic Online(Cloud) Based Billing System!

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    Fantastic Online(Cloud) Based Billing System!

    Haven't been here for a while, but need to give some feedback, because a while back I mentioned I have been tearing my hair out looking for a decent billing system

    For my rental business I needed a billing system, but not just any billing system, I needed

    1. Automatic recurring personalised Invoices
    2. Automatic annual increase
    3. Automatic invoice generation for bounced debit orders (ie additional charge)
    4. Automatic email reminders to clients for payments, set per client
    5. Automatic reconciliation of my bank account, and automatic reconciliation of my debit order provider
    6. Automatic debit order generation, and script sent through to debit order provider
    7. Option for client to click on invoice and pay by credit card ie automatic gateway integration
    8. Statement sent by email, invoices by email,reminders by email, debit bounce notification by email etc etc etc

    wasn't asking much was I!

    Got a few quotes and the pricing ranged from R2500 per month to R5500 per month to design something, and the best one could do Half of what I wanted, but they could write the script for me for R50000 once off and R4250 per month!

    The I found a South African company that not only could do all of this and much much more, but is costing me R199 per month! And that's the Platinum version of 1000 invoices per month, Gold is only R57 per month!

    I am stunned, full integration to Netcash etc.

    They also offer:
    Pro forma invoices
    Payments etc etc

    Actually too much to mention, and you can export to pastel!

    The best part of all, it's a local company and you can pick up the phone, and ask for changes or software updates etc..and they'll do it (time permitting) for Free!

    It has completely changed my time. I would spend 2 solid days at month end, now it takes me 2 hours to do my full month end bill run, including debit order run.

    You can try it out for free!

    They also offer a 25% (for life) referral program, check them out on my link

    But hey I am so happy not to get a cent too...if so then go straight to them and check it out

    I have been using them for 6 months now..... I'm actually blown away!

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